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  th Stop Cyber-Bullying

Surfing the Internet seems to have become an everyday habit of Hongkongers. Surfing the Internet have already become an integral part of people’s lives. Human can never live alone. We need to live together and depend on others. Social networking websites have come into being then. There are many different kinds of social networking websites, for example, blogs, video-sharing platforms and real-time chat rooms, such as Facebook, twitter, Weibo, Youtube, HKGolden etc. Apart from manipulating those website using computers, we can surfing those website when we are using Smartphone now. That means people are using social networking websites have obviously been increasing.

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Every new technology brings benefits as well as risk, some even bring an acute tragedy to the people. Netizens enjoy freedom of speech and can freely express our views, for example, Hongkongers are most likely to voice their opinions on polity in our society. They usually protest against the government and the Chief Executive on the Social networking website. Therefore, the Internet gives a platform to netizens to express their real feelings without any concealment. It also provides an online identity to every netizen. So, They need not be responsible for what they have said by concealing their identity. This gives rise to the problem that is cyber bullying.

cyber bullying

In Hong Kong, it is unbelievable that there are 64% of teenagers having been bullied in the past 12 months. Also, 21% of teenagers have bullied people on the Internet. Among high students, 28% reported having been bullied in the past 12 months in America. 11% of them revealed cyber-bullying someone else. That is an increase from 13% of students who in 2006 reported being victims of cyber-bullying. Because of the fake identity and the excessive freedom of speech, cyber bullying is thus on the increase in the global.


 The Advantages of The Fake Identity And The Excessive Freedom of Speech

The advantage of the fake identity and the excessive freedom of speech on the Internet is that people who have low self-esteem or isolated by their peers can voice their real view on the issues bravely. In the real world, people are afraid that discussing about sensitive topic in our society. In the contrast, people can discuss sensitive topic on the Internet unscrupulously because of the online identity. They deeply think that the fake identity can hide their real identity. So, social networking website is a platform that enables people who lack of confidence to voice their opinion loudly.

The Disadvantages of The Fake Identity And The Excessive Freedom of Speech

Apart from the benefits, there are abundant drawbacks of the fake identity and the excessive freedom of speech on the Internet. Believing that their identity will not be revealed, netizens attack the targets without any restriction. The drawback is victims of cyber bullying face enormous pressure under the opinions about themselves. Cyber bullying on the Internet is multiple, for example, netizens like bulling people on discussion forums, leaving nasty comments on people’s blog, uploading embarrassed videos and photos, spreading rumours and insulting others, disclosing people’s privacy, such as photos, address , working place and even their family numbers etc. The most serious is the victim’s family may also be affected. The situation of cyber bullting os obviously worrying. 


The Consequences of Cyber-Bullying

Because of the above, people who being bullied are afraid of facing people. They avoid going to bank, clinic, restaurant and other public places in order not to be identified. Therefore, people who are being bullied may suffer from mental disorder. They easily develop hallucinations. Believing that others are aggressive towards them. Also, the victims may suffer from depression. They feel frustrated and depressed. The victims of cyber bullying plunged to death as they could not deal with the tremendous stresses effectively. They can’t relieve their negative emotions and can’t face the problem positively. They, instead, choose to end their lives so as to escape from the bad feelings. These emotion problems can drive them to suicide. Their future is doomed once they attempt suicide.

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My Personal Views

For me, I’m greatly disagree cyber bullying. I think there are better way to relieve their resentful feeling. Netizens will voice their dissatisfaction and anger in their daily lives through the Internet.

My Suggestion

  • Please think twice before acting as the victims’ life maybe doomed.
  • Should see things from other perspective.
  • Image you are the one who are being bullied
  • Shouldn’t upload any private information on the Internet

To under that victims of cyber bulling are really depressed and absolutely damage their health. Maybe you will hurt a people whole life. Please think twice before acting as the victims’ life maybe doomed. I deem that the Internet is the most dangerous place. Information from different part of the world can be transmitted and exchanged almost instantly. Some people are used to uploading their photos or writing everything about them on the Internet. However, people should not reveal their privacy on the Internet in order to reduce the chance of being used by others without your knowledge.

Hence, digital devices are convenient for our daily life but they bring us too much damage in the same time. So, it is important that make good use of your digital devices.


Love and Romance

Online Dating 101Think Twice Before Online Dating!


Back in the old days, going on a blind date or dating with their loved ones face- to– face. In this day and age, with technological advancement, people are given more options to seek their love relationship through multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Weibo, discussion forums and real-time chat rooms etc on the Internet. The Internet provides the various platforms for young people to make friends, increasing the opportunity to develop love relationship with the opposite sex. Instead of going out to meet people face-to-face, the younger generation would rather stay at home and meet the buddies through the screen. Now, the pattern of dating is changed. There has been increasing acceptance of online relationships in recent years.

 thCAHEXCAHThe Advantages of Possess An Online Identity

Netizens are given an online identity on the Internet. Originally, the online identity is provided by protecting netizens. That why they possess a freedom of speech. The Internet gives a platform to express their real feelings without any concealment.

The Disadvantages of Possess An Online Identity

Unfortunately, some people use this identity to cheat and play someone on the Internet. Despite maybe there are someone enjoy the love relationship with complete strangers on the Internet, online relationships do not bode well in the long term. They would bring danger since most of the time we do not know who is our partners. Netizens are using the fake identity to pretend to a good character and manners. Some even use an
unreal profit photos to cheat others.

online-dating-liesonline dating profile pictures girl reality lying ugly

The Consequences of Online Dating

Seriously, some people in the online relationship that they are willing to meet each other in the real world. Thus, girl especially they have no control over what will happen on a date. They don’t know if the partners will beat you up, rob you, violate you or even kill you. Violent sex acts are usually occurred in a dating with a strange online partner. It’s not difficult to find that the news that reporting on teenagers falling prey to online dating. The most accuse consequence is that victims of online dating forced into violent sex acts by a man or woman, for example, an university student cheated a teen girl who recognized on a Smartphone App for sex by using aphrodisiac potions recently. Victims may be traumatized after the online dating.Such an experience may leave them scarred for life in extreme cases.This is a crime that we can’t tolerate!

Some news about the serious consequences of online dating


An university student cheated a teen girl who recognized on a Smartphone App for sex by using aphrodisiac potions recently.


Some people trust their online loved ones so they will send their nude and sexy photography to them. In the consequence, the photography is disclosed on the Net.  Everyone can see it.

My Personal View

        To me, I deem that the online dating is absolutely dangerous. Maybe we can find a lifelong partner on the social networking websites. But I think this is impossible. The reason is I reckon that online dating is impure. People will pretend to a good image to cheat your sentiments. I also think the starting point of making some online friend is desirable because I think that sharing our personal feeling to the buddies is better than sharing to our friends in the real world in sometimes. But I do not recommend that encouraging people meet online partners in the real world. Therefore, think twice before dating on the Net.

My Advice on  Dating on The Net

  • Don’t send your private information to your partners
  • Don’t trust deeply your partners on the Internet
  • Don’t upload your nude photography and sexy photography on the Internet
  • Don’t make a fake identity to cheat anyone in the social networking website



There are some net for online dating.

 Digital devices change the pattern of love. People now like developing a love relationship through the Internet. Maybe they think that this is exciting and interesting. It’s all known that nurturing a love relationship on the Net is unsafe. Instead of meeting the strange online partner, real-life communication is more suitable for developing a love relationship. Love is always coupled with trust, communication and responsibility. So, a real-life dating is  still irreplaceable! Again, please think twice before online dating.